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     Leonis is an emphasis on corporate culture, focusing on people-oriented company. For employees, we care about the feelings of employees, focusing on the ability of individual employees as possible for employees to create development opportunities for employees contribution, we encourage staff error, we guide the education. The team can not be separated from each person, we collaborate in order to play the individual strengths, weaknesses. We hope to attract talented people to join our team. Treatment of employees reported with respect, understanding, trust, employees treat the company with the same responsibility, service and dedication of the consciousness. For customers, we listen to the voices of customers, with a sincere attitude to solve customer problems and provide customers with personalized service. We understand that customer complaints, anger, anger as possible to make each customer is satisfied. We insist on people-oriented corporate culture thinking, people-centered concept to guide us to think, to act.

Employees and co-development

     The employees are company core resources. For staff development, nourishing the soil, only staff development, in order to better development. Employees feel good and are endowed with a passion to work, to show to the customer a positive, optimistic attitude, customer satisfaction, and lay the foundation for their achievement.


Strive to professional-grade quality

      We pay attention to detail, focus on quality, strive to excellence, listen to your heart. We will do our best to provide professional-grade solutions and services for the industry.

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