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 LEONIS Polarization Modulator 3D System X-FILTER

1. Introduction

Combined with a sliver screen, the X-FILTER Polarization Modulator allows your digital cinema projector to display 3D films. With a powered symmetrical 50 microsecond switching time between the eyes, X-FILTER easily ensures high-bright, low ghost operation at the 3D HFR (high frame rate) targets of 192FPS, 240FPS or beyond.


Bright, low-ghost 3D effect
Support all DLP projector
Support all DCI digital cinema server
Faster switching speed up to 400Hz
Simple, easy to setup and use
Low cost due to the cheaper price of glasses.


Dimension Size 430mmX205mmX44.45mm
Contrast >100:1
Screen size 13.7m(18.5K lumen, 3KW lamp)
Switching time 50 usec
Temperature 5-52
Heat protection Metellic Pre-Polarizer (increases performance and lifetime)


Comparison of three mainstream polarization modulator 3D systems

  Leonis Cinema MasterImage RealD
Type Polarization Polarization Polarization
Left and rIght eye differentiation X-FILTER

Rotator Polarizing Filter


Polarization mode Linear and Circular Polarization Circular Polarization Linear Polarization
Ghost Low Low Need to reduce
Brightness losses Small Small Small
Failure rate Low High Low
Anti-disturbance High Low High
Anti-reflection High No need Low
Projecting angle Ca.80 Ca.75 Ca.60


Figure 1: Leonis Polarization Modulator 3D System X-FILTER

Figure 2: X-FILTER on the Carriage

Figure 3 : The complement glasses to X-FILTER


2. Compatibility


3. Packing List


Note It takes 8-10 weeks before dispatch due to the high demand of th product.

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