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 China Science & Merchants Investment Management Group

As one shareholder of LEONIS, China Science & Merchants Investment Management Group (CSC), founded in 2000, is a preeminent private investment firm in China with US $10 Billion (RMB ¥ 60 Billion) of capital under management. CSC owns an extensive network in China via its local partners. Currently CSC covers more than 100 cities and has built relationships with over 1000 LPs. This network provides an unique platform for CSC to acquire deep market insights and local know-hows, thus gives CSC the ability to identify valuable opportunities, as well as offer operational support to extract these values for its investors.


CSC seeks to deliver unique value to its portfolio companies beyond traditional private equity via its access to capital, talents and market (up/down stream) insights. Moreover, CSC is creating a new digital platform that would allow it to tender these capabilities to even broader set of entrepreneurs and investors. This would further enhance CSC’s reach and access. Finally, CSC aims to aggressively grow its international operation to offer more opportunities for its portfolio companies and better returns for its investors.


Investment Philosophy

CSC’s portfolio companies primarily reside in the following part of value chain:

Life Science/Original Research: includes pharmaceutical, health care, medical equipment, farming, biotechnology and environmental projects.

Manufacturing: includes manufacturing for new materials, electronics and final products like auto.

Consumers & Retails: includes consumer products, retail chain franchises for food (like restaurants) and other fast moving consumer products, consumer entertainment media/content producers as well as distributors.


CSC Group puts each investment project through a rigorous review process, and conducts thorough due diligence on all aspects of operations. The key assessment criteria include: team quality, technical know-how, market potential, product innovation, internal control/compliance. Furthermore, CSC Group also tries to identify synergies between project being reviewed and other existing portfolio companies, so as to facilitate collaboration/joint innovation via this process. These efforts help to ensure each additional investment could further enhance overall returns on the total portfolio.



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