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1. Training Plan

  Before Installation
  1) provide all user guide and installation manual.
  2) to provide equipment packing list.
  3) to provide the configuration parameters of the projectors and related equipment.

  1) Training user for installation during installation.

  Installation is complete
  1) Training user for how to use system.
  2) provide 7x24 hours technical support hotline for technical solutions and support.

2. Service

  LeonicCinema is committed to the main business responsibilities and work include:

  ● 7x24 hours hotline for technical support.
  ● Once the scene full inspection maintenance each year, each time to maintain the normal screening does not affect a Party as a precondition; an emergency repair.
  ● According to the need to provide the price of the equipment supplies (3D glasses, etc.), lust equipment accessories (parts) available upon request.

  (1) The scope of services:
  A. Equipment: purchase orders, products equipment
  B. Designation of professional services responsible for the engineers, the service is responsible for manager. Give purchasing projection equipment of professional technical and maintenance services.
  C. Contact us:
Service Hotline:               400-030-0467      
    Tel:                                 +86 (10) 62670467        (9:00AM - 6:00PM)
    Fax:                               +86 (10) 62670467-832  (9:00AM - 6:00PM)
  D. After completion of the service delivered on time maintenance reports, if necessary, will be submitted to the relevant technical documentation.
  E. Facilitation of technical support services contract device in the list of equipment to solve the problems encountered in the device during operation.
  F. will send technical personnel familiar with the Contract list of equipment equipment services.

  (2) to ensure quality of service
  A. Warranty Services
   ● hotline service: to provide 7X24 hours technical hotline support service request by the Party company, our engineers will immediately telephone support, and provide detailed technical advisory services hotline to participate in contact. according to customer demand, the Party a written application, the Leo Nice company to provide timely inspection, maintenance, system diagnostics, or demonstrate security services, and Leo Nice hardware equipment / software maintenance and repair services.
   ● Training Services: Party the backbone of the key technologies to provide advanced device configuration training, error diagnosis and basic maintenance (available on-site inspection, maintenance)
   ● third-party technical support: When a system problem occurs, the commitment regardless of the problem is which side generation, will assist the other parties concerned to return to normal.
    spare parts: priovide by LeonisCinema.
  B. delivery of documents (paper or electronic version)
   ● routine inspection and preventive maintenance reports, repair recommendations (service completed within a week)
   ● site maintenance records, failure analysis and resolution of the report (within one week after the completion of the service)

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