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1.The high bandwidth and low latency of 5G technology ensure real-time transmission of HOLOSOUND audio data

Compared with traditional audio technology, the immersive audio technology HOLOSOUND has richer details, can accurately locate the position of sound objects, create realistic sound effects around the audience, and can perfectly reproduce the ambient audio. Its audio information processing capacity is very Big.

Take 256 channels as an example, its data transmission bandwidth should be no less than: 256 x 48Khz x 24bit = 288Mbps

The 5G bandwidth can reach more than 1Gbps, the maximum can reach 20Gbps, and the data transmission delay does not exceed 1 millisecond. The high bandwidth and low latency of 5G technology have created conditions for real-time audio data transmission.



2. Typical applications of 5G and HOLOSOUND:

Mainly used in the field of personal consumer electronics, including:

Streaming platform: iQiyi, Youku and other platforms provide users with HOLOSOUND movie zone. Users can watch movies online by mobile phones, IPAD and computers, and experience cinema-level immersive audio in real time.

5G immersive live broadcast: through HOLOSOUND audio capture equipment, you can capture of live audio signals, and let more avid fans to experience concert and various sports events online. 


AR / VR Interactive Entertainment: Users can experience fully immersive interactive games and can travel around the world without leaving home. 


Mobile Media, Advertising, Home Theater: With 5G and immersive audio HOLOSOUND, you will experience an unprecedented immersive experience, and advertising will become more attractive.

The deep integration of HOLOSOUND and 5G technology will promote the innovation of the cultural industry and realize the transformation and upgrading of more industries, such as tourism, real estate, and games.


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