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LEONIS focuses on the research of next-generation digital cinema technology. The next-generation digital cinema technology refers to the summary of the new mainstream digital cinema technology developed on the basis of the DCI / SMPTE standard after more than ten years of development, representing the development direction of digital cinema technology, it is combination of technology advancement and economic feasibility.


LEONIS's core technologies for next-generation digital cinema (NGDC) include:

[1] More Immersive Video;

[2] More Immersive Audio;

[3] Information Infrastructure.


More immersive video includes higher resolution (4K / 8K), higher frame rate, higher dynamic range, wider color gamut, higher Brightness (such as 1P laser projection, 3P laser projection, 6P laser projection, and 24nit certification projection proposed by LEONIS) and newly developed VR technology and holographic technology.


More immersive audio mainly refers to 3D audio based on channel-based technology, object-based technology and scene-based technology. LEONIS is using immersive audio technology to bring you more immersive, more charming, deeper.


The information integration solution is a unified solution for the content transmission (satellite or network), content storage (large-capacity, and real-time online), content management (TMS / QMS, etc.) and content scheduling. Can reduce cost and management complexity effectively, and improve operating efficiency and box office.

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