The main difference between the HOLOSOUND immersive audio system and the traditional audio system is that it is the three-dimensional (3D) recording and restoration of audio signal and it is the future-oriented next-generation audio system. HOLOSOUND is the perfect case of technological innovation. It can be used not only in digital cinema, but in any place where there is sound. What is HOLOSOUND? It is the ultimate immersive experience, the core competitive technology, the advanced audio format, the perfect unicorn product, and the future-oriented standard. From the product point, it is mainly divided into two parts: the content production part and the content presentation part.
Immersive Audio Content Mastering System--MPU
The HOLOSOUND immersive audio content mastering adopts the HOLOSOUND 3D plug-in and HOLOSOUND MPU.
Immersive Audio Processor DCAP-OBIA
The HOLOSOUND immersive audio processor DCAP-OBIA is the core part of HOLOSOUND. Its main function is to decode, process, render and EQ the audio signal through powerful internal processing power, and then transmit the processed audio data to digital power amplifier or to Digital to Analog Converter.
Audio Processor DCAP-IA
DCAP-IA is the latest audio processor by LEONIS. And it support up to 16 channels of
Audio Processor DCAP-IAE
DCAP-IAE is a new type of audio processor, It can support up to 24 channels of analog output (16-channel output + 6-channel divided-frequency output + 2-channel auxiliary output).
Immersive Audio Processor DCAP-OBIA-EAH
DCAP-OBIA-EAH is a new type of object-based immersive audio (IA) processor. It is divided into DCAP-OBIA-EAH16 (16-channel analog output) and DCAP-OBIA-EAH32 (32-channel analog output).
Immersive Audio Digital-to-Analog Converter DAC-OBIA
Immersive audio digital-to-analog converter DAC-OBIA is based on LEONISs first-generation audio digital-to-analog converter DTA 3000, and uses AOIP for audio signal transmission networked 32-channel audio digital-to-analog conversion.
Immersive Audio Multi-channel Digital Surround Power Amplifier SMA-OBIA
SMA-OBIA is a digital input CLASS-D power amplifier, supporting 32-channel analog output, at maximum output power of 1000W per channel, and at maximum output power of 32000W totally.
Digital Cinema Audio IO MATRIX(I8O12)
LEONIS IO MATRIX(I8O12) is an audio input and output matrix for digital cinema
Digital Cinema Audio IO MATRIX (I16O16
LEONIS IO MATRIX(I16O16) is an audio input and output matrix for digital cinema
Digital Cinema Audio IO MATRIX(I18O26)
LEONIS IO MATRIX(I18O26) can be compatible with 16-channel AES3 signal input, 2-channel HI/VI AES signal input, SPDIF signal input, MIC input, 7.1 analog input and 2 channels of non-sync analog audio input.
Audio Automatic Equalization Tool AUTO-EQ
LEONIS Automatic Equalization Tool AUTO-EQ is a tool based on artificial intelligence (AI) to realize automatic EQ adjustment of LEONIS related audio processors
HOLOSOUND SPATIAL AUDIO technology realizes the application of immersive audio HOLOSOUND on the headphone end, and can be widely used in on-demand cinema chains, streaming media platforms and other personal consumer terminals.
HOLOSOUND 3D Audio Live Mastering and Broadcast System
The HOLOSOUND three-dimensional audios mastering and broadcast system is mainly composed of HS-MPU, HS-ENC and HS-DEC, HSA-Processor.
Covering Asia, Europe and the United States, there are currently more than 700 theaters.
More than 550 HOLOSOUND films have been produced
Immersive Audio Solution Phantom Reality for DVD (Direct View Display)
Immersive Audio Solution Phantom Reality for DVD (Direct View Display)
AOIP solution for ATMOS
The network audio (AOIP) projection equipment for ATMOS includes the network audio digital-to-analog converter DAC-2110 and the multi-channel digital surround amplifier SMA-2110
Multi-room Audio Amplifier HOLOCAST
HOLOCAST is a powerful, easy-to-use multi-room amplifier that lets you stream audio to any room in your house.

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