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LEONIS Will Participate in AES International Conference on Headphone Technology as A Sponsor

Date: 2020-04-01    Author: Original Site

The second AES International Conference on Headphone Technology will be held on August 27–29, 2019 in San Francisco, CA, USA. LEONIS Cinema, as a sponsor, will participate in this conference.



This conference focuses on technologies for headphones with a special emphasis on the emerging fields of Mobile Spatial Audio, Individualization, Assistive Listening and Audio for Augmented Reality. It will gather scientists, developers and practitioners who are involved in theory, technical design, application or evaluation of headphone technology. The conference will be an interdisciplinary gathering encouraging fruitful discussions across the headphone, hearing aid and audio delivery industries.


As an innovative immersive audio technology, LEONIS HoloSound offers the perfect combination of sound channels, sound objects and sound scene to create a sound field that enables the continuous movement of sound in three-dimensional space.



It is compliant to SMPTE standard (25CSS Standard Suite), can support up to 256 speakers, which is 4-16 times larger than other immersive audio technologies. Besides overhead surround speakers and side surround speakers, HoloSound provides speakers underneath the audience – a unique and innovative addition. Moreover, it supports point sources to allow driving of individual speakers, not just arrays of speakers.

In addition to its application in digital cinema, HoloSound also includes HoloSound-VR and HoloSound-Consumer technology that separately applies in the field of virtual reality and personal consumer electronics to comprehensively realize the consumer immersive high-end experience.


Recently, LEONIS HoloSound launched artificial intelligence service HS-AI-Design and HS-AI-Position. HS-AI-Design can accomplish the layout of HoloSound speakers in the theater using artificial intelligence after inputting the structure parameters of the theater. HS-AI-Position can quickly locate the point sound source with accuracy within +/-1 degree (azimuth and pitch angle). 



I believe HoloSound and HoloSound AI service will attract a lot of attendees and will bring a whole new auditory experience to more consumers in the future.


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