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FilmExpo Announced CineAsia Schedule, LEONIS Will Share HoloSound on the Opening Day

Date: 2020-04-01    Author: Original Site

According to the official confirmation of the FilmExpo, Dr. Ma Shichao, the founder of LEONIS, will share "HoloSound, the Immersive Audio Authoring and Rendering Technology Conforms to DCI/SMPTE Standard" on the first day of CineAsia event – at 3 p.m. on December 10th

As the leading conference and trade exhibition for the film distribution and projection field in Asia and the Pacific, CineAsia is the only event that shows Hollywood and Asian films, brings together the key decision makers from every major, regional and independent theatre chains with the major international film distributors, as well as the manufacturers of products, services and technologies for the film industry. It built a bridge of communication in Asia and the Pacific, between global digital cinema equipment manufacturers and movie theater operators.

This CineAsia brings people in the film industry from all over the world together, including Warner Bros., Disney, Paramount, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, and China Film Group Corporation, et cetera.



As the only company with both immersive audio technology and immersive video technology in the world, LEONIS is honored to be invited to participate in the event and share HoloSound technology.
LEONIS HoloSound combines sound channel, sound object and sound scene, is a complete digital cinema immersive audio end-to-end solution from production, distribution to projection. Compliant to SMPTE standard (25CSS Standard Suite), HoloSound can support up to 256 speakers, which is 4-16 times larger than other immersive audio technologies. Besides overhead surround speakers and side surround speakers, HoloSound provides speakers underneath the audience – a unique and innovative addition. Moreover, it supports point sources to allow driving of individual speakers, not just arrays of speakers.
HoloSound is one of the true 3D immersive audio technologies in the market and is the future direction of global digital cinema audio. It enables the sound to haunt in all corners, and it is truly, alive, makes the audiences feel like they are in a movie, what they hear is what they see.



"Technology is the footstone of the company foothold, and the market is the source of development." LEONIS has continued to expand market while developing technology in recent years, has been invited to participate in international conferences such as CineEurope, 2018 AES Audio Seminar, 2018 Display Summit, its immersive audio technology HoloSound has also received widespread attention. LEONIS will also attend AES Engineers Association meetings in 2019, including AES International Conference on Headphone Technology and AES International Conference on Immersive and Interactive Audio, et cetera.



FilmExpo Group
Film Expo Group is the premier organizer of events in the motion picture industry. The Film Expo Group produces ShowEast, held in Miami; CineEurope, held in Barcelona; and CineAsia, held in Hong Kong.
The events feature exclusive screenings of upcoming films, product presentations of films in production, and educational seminars led by industry leaders, and a trade show with equipment and concessions suppliers to movie theatres. Each event also includes special events and an award ceremony honoring recent trailblazers within the industry.



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