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With Strong Momentum, LEONIS HOLOSOUND Launch New Immersive Audio Processor DCAP-IAE

Date: 2020-04-10    Author: Original Site

LEONIS CINEMA, the world's leading Immersive Audio technology provider, launched the new HOLOSOUND immersive audio processor DCAP-IAE recently.


HOLOSOUND is a DCI / SMPTE-compliant immersive audio technology independently developed by LEONIS. Based on Channel-based Sound Technology and Object-based Sound Technology, it uses original Scene-based Sound Technology (including Scene Recording and Scene Playback).It can support a maximum of 256-channel output, which is 4-16 times that of other immersive audio technologies. At present, HOLOSOUND has passed the certification of the industry authority.


Now more than 300 HOLOSOUND screens have been established in China and other countries around the world. In China, you will find HOLOSOUND screens in many well-known cinema chains, such as Wanda, Jinyi, CFG, SFG, Hengdian, Huayi Brothers, etc.

At the same time, with a plate making speed of more than 100 films per year, a large number of box office blockbuster films have been completed.


LEONIS President Dr. Ma said, for different theater needs, LEONIS has launched DCAP-OBIA and DCAP-OBIA-E in the past years. The DCAP-IAE is an innovative solution with the following advantages:

1)  16 channels digital output, also support AOIP digital audio network output;

2)  The best high-resolution and multi-sampling-rate EQ performance, ranked first in the DCI/SMPTE test;

3£©2-band and 3-band frequency divisor is integrated, no need to purchase a frequency divider separately;

4£©With AI (Artificial Intelligence)-based AUTO-EQ capability, it can realize rapid installation;

5£©With expansion slot, upgradable to DCAP-OBIA;

6£©Web user interface for remote configuration and control, can be connected with TMS/NOC.


It is convinced that the launch of DCAP-IAE will surely allow more people to experience the realistic, and flowing HOLOSOUND sound effects.


HOLOSOUND£¬the bridge to the three dimension world.

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