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HOLOSOUND, the Key Element of High-End Digital Cinema and PLF

Date: 2020-04-10    Author: Original Site

With the development of digital cinema, audiences have higher and higher requirements for the quality of cinema presentation. The high-end giant screen also attracted more audiences. The high-quality images with the high brightness, high dynamic range (HDR) and wide color gamut (WCG) technology and the extreme immersive audio experience make the audience truly feel the charm of technology behind the art of film. Immersive audio (IA) technology HOLOSOUND is the black technology which brings you the ultimate movie-going experience.


Figure 1. HOLOSOUND Immersive Audio Hall 

                                                                    image.png            image.png             image.png

Topic I: Immersive Audio is DCI / SMPTE Standard

In 2015, SMPTE began the research work on immersive audio standards for digital cinema, which covers all aspects of the digital cinema industry such as the content provider, equipment provider, and film distributor. Until now, the key immersive audio standards have been released. The birth of these standards means the arrival of large-scale industrialization, and immersive audio technology has become the general trend.

As a member of the SMPTE Immersive Audio Working Group, LEONIS has been involved in the discussion and the development of standards. HOLOSOUND immersive audio technology was born with the formation of international standards. At present, Dolby ATMOS, LEONIS HOLOSOUND and DTS:X have formed a situation of tripartite confrontation internationally.


Figure 2. A situation of tripartite confrontation in Immersive Audio 

Topic II: HOLOSOUND, Extreme Immersive Audio Experience

HOLOSOUND is a DCI / SMPTE-compliant immersive audio technology independently developed by LEONIS.

Based on the Channel-Base Sound (CBS) technology and the Object-Based Sound (OBS) technology, it also supports Scene-based Sound (SBS) technology (including Scene Recording and Scene Playback). It can support a maximum of 256-channel output, which is 4-16 times that of other immersive audio technologies.

On October 11, 2018, HOLOSOUND has passed the certification of the industry experts jointly organized by China Film Distribution and Exhibition Association (CFDEA) and China Film Science and Technology Research Institute (CRIFST). The result shows that HOLOSOUND is comparable to and compatible with another immersive audio technology widely used in the market. In addition, HOLOSOUND has unique advantages in sound scene technology and audio immersive index.

In order to meet the needs of different theater hall structures, LEONIS CINEMA, the world's leading immersive audio technology provider, has launched a number of HOLOSOUND immersive audio processors in recent years, including DCAP-OBIA, DCAP-OBIA-E, DCAP-IAE, DCAP-IA, etc.


Figure 3. Immersive Audio Processor DCAP-OBIA


Figure 4. Immersive Audio Processor DCAP-IAE

TOPIC III: More Reasons to Choose HOLOSOUND?

Now more than 300 HOLOSOUND systems have been established in China and other countries around the world. In China, you will find HOLOSOUND screens in many well-known cinema chains, such as Wanda, Jinyi, CFG, SFG, New Film Association, Huayi Brothers, etc. And Wanda Cinema is the first one to use HOLOSOUND in the world.

At the same time, including a large number of box office blockbuster films, more than 100 films per year were mastered in HOLOSOUND format. How did HOLOSOUND gain user recognition in a short time in the market?


Figure 5. Some Cinema Chains Use HOLOSOUND

HOLOSOUND Create the Extreme Immersive Audio Experience

Film has never been only a visual art. The Hollywood famous director George Lucas said that sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie. The immersive audio technology HOLOSOUND combines the extreme audio with the perfect picture to bring you into the storyline, as if you are the leading role, when HOLOSOUND flows around you, it is so exciting.


Figure 6. SFC Cinema


Support 256 Channels, Strong Technical Capability

The difference between HOLOSOUND and other similar technologies is that HOLOSOUND breaks the limitation of 64 channels and can support a maximum of 256 channels, which brings unlimited possibilities to its application. For example, the Guinness Record Super Giant Screen Hall in Jinyi Suzhou International Cinema (The screen area is more than 1,000 square meters, which is equivalent to 3 basketball courts in size and 10-floor ordinary buildings in height.). There are 96 main speakers and surround speakers in this cinema, only HOLOSOUND can take on this major task.


Figure 7. Jinyi Suzhou International Cinema with HOLOSOUND and Guinness

Utilization of Artificial Intelligent in HOLOSOUND

Combining artificial intelligence technology, HOLOSOUND has realized AI-Design, AI-Position, AI-Render and other intelligent experiences successively.

Automatic layout of the speaker configuration through HS-AI-CONF, automatic rendering of object and HOA through HS-AI-Render, and automatic equalization through IA AUTO-EQ, HOLOSOUND immersive audio system not only saves a lot of manual time, but also makes everything very simple and excellent.



Figure 8. AUTO-EQ Adjustment

Topic IV: How to Get Your Own HOLOSOUND Experience?

In addition to the immersive audio processor DCAP series products, the HOLOSOUND system also provides matching immersive audio digital-to-analog converter DAC-OBIA and immersive audio multi-channel digital surround power amplifier SMA-OBIA. SMA-OBIA can output 32 channels, which has a very high price / performance ratio compared to traditional 2-channel power amplifiers.


Figure 9. 32-channel Digital Surround Power Amplifier SMA-OBIA

HOLOSOUND, the bridge to the three-dimension world.

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