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Recommendations for Long-term Shutdown of HOLOSOUND IMMERSIVE AUDIO Equipment

Date: 2020-04-10    Author: Original Site

Considering a long-term cinema closing in the current epidemic situation, some basic guidelines should be executed as recommendations while powering down HOLOSOUND audio system (such as HOLOSOUND Multi-channel Digital Power Amplifiers SMA-OBIA).


The details are as follows:

<1> HOLOSOUND immersive AUDIO system includes HOLOSOUND Immersive audio processor DCAP-OBIA-xx, multi-channel digital to analog convertor DAC-OBIA and multi-channel digital amplifier SMA-OBIA-xx.


<2> HOLOSOUND Multi-channel Digital Power Amplifier SMA-OBIA should be powered down first before any HOLOSOUND Immersive Audio Processor, such as  DCAP-OBIA / DCAP-OBIA-E / DCAP-BIA-EAH / DCAP-IA / DCAP-IAE. ?


<3> while restarting, power on HOLOSOUND Multi-channel Digital Power Amplifier SMA-OBIA after any HOLOSOUND Immersive Audio Processor is running.


<4> Our OBIA series HOLOSOUND Immersive Audio Processor is FIPS140 compliance ready and is equipped with rechargeable battery on its mainboard for intrusion detection as IMB do. The lifetime of battery can be 7 years if it is used normally, and please power on the processor once a week to recharge the battery to enlarge its life.


Please also forward to cinema onsite technical staffs, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need support.

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