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The origin of the Leonis

  Leonis, from the english" LEO (Leo) ".

  The ancient Egyptians worshiped Leo, and the Persian Gulf ancient Chaldeans who think the sun is from Leo capacity, the weather heats up. It is said that Egyptian famous Sphinx is a lion body like coupled with maid head shaped. Chinese ancient hailed as the god of the Yellow Emperor, called Regulus.

  Leonis is a symbol of a strong, reliable, king, large.

  Since its establishment in 2009, Leo Nice gone through a difficult course. Like a baby, toddler steadily walking, stumbling all the way, have failed, met a setback, but we are strong enough to face.

  Our goal is to become the industry leader, the king of the digital cinema field. To this end, we constantly remind ourselves to never give up.

  We are guided by the principle of "customer is God" and sincere customer-facing, for every trust of our clients, we strive to become the most loyal, reliable service providers.

  Leonis Cinema (Beijing) Tech. Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to digital cinema audio and video technology and related products development, production, and sales.

        The company is located in Zhongguancun Environmental Protection Park.

        LEONIS has established a center of the testing, demonstration and commissioning, product development has laid a good foundation for the hardware. Under the leadership of general manager ,the company is divided into research and development, production, sale, finance, personnel, administration, sales, purchasing, strategic and marketing of ten departments, managers include the study in Canada as well as the Chinese Academy of Sciences researchers. Wuhan, Xian Branch is under construction.

    The main products includes Polarization Modulator 3D System X-FILTER, Dual Beam Light Doubler Polarization 3D system LX-FILTER, Triple Beam Light Doubler Polarization 3D system TX-FILTER, Light and Sound Sensor LLAS-100, Digital Cinema DCP Satellite Receiver ,Immersive Audio Processor DCAP-OBIA, 3D Signal Converter, Digital Cinema Mastering System , DCI-Compliant Digital Cinema Server, KDM Creator etc.

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