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Changchun Howell procurement Leonis polarization 3D system

Date: 2020-04-09    Author: 本站原创


Recently, LeonisCinema & Changchun Howell Entertainment Limited officially signed the contract. LeonisCinema to Changchun Howell supply a stand-alone polarized 3D system for its theater digital cinema 3D projection, also assisted the work of the relevant aspects of the screen and the sound reproduction system.

Leo Nice stand-alone polarized 3D systems with the same functionality with RealD, the Z-Screen, the use of advanced foreign production of the LCD screen, the switch time is less than 50us (the world's fastest). Air-cooled technology, effective protection of the LCD tablets, to prevent overheating damage to the LCD tablets for up to 70,000 lumens output projectors. In the design process, but also set the electric bracket, be able to achieve docking with TMS. The system has high brightness, ghosting, fast switching speed, color unbiased, easy to install, cost, and many other advantages. Currently, this system has been happy Blue Ocean, Xinhua Kadokawa Pictures (HK) Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jin Yi and other companies using the 2012 system will soon be in Shanghai, Shenyang, Nanjing and other cities have installed the product performance has been recognized in the domestic market and is about to enter the international market.

Changchun Howell film consists of three branches: Howell International Film City Limited; Howell Coffee Company Limited (the use of an area of 660 square meters, is the only one of the largest coffee shop in the three northeastern provinces The); Howell game limited liability company. Howell Television (Group) Co., Ltd. based in Changchun City, the cultural industry, focus on the development of the film industry, invested heavily in the next three to five years to develop three to five theater. The company is headquartered in Chongqing Road No. 68, currently serving hundreds of people, with its first-class design and construction, state-of-the-art projection equipment with the internationalization of the service concept, the majority of the audience to get a superior entertainment experience.

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