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Shanghai Shengdao and investment companies visit Leonis

Date:2012-02-09    Author:本站原创


  January 12, 2012, Qiu, Managing Director of Shanghai Sheng Road equity investment management enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Sheng Road Capital) total and the leadership of the various investment companies on the investment came to Leo Nice visit. The current visit of the investment company China Science & Merchants Investment (Fund) management company, Beijing Gehua Jin Ling culture-invested enterprises, Beijing Shengyuan Feng Hang Venture Capital Co., Ltd., the broadband capital, Infinity Group, Han Fu (Beijing) Investments Limited, Beijing Technology Global Investment Management Limited and Beijing Hui-yu investment in these eight investment companies.
  Shanghai Sheng Road capital and Gehua organizations, led by LeonisCinema general manager Thomas super capital Qiu, Sheng Road, Shanghai always a line of 12 people with various investment companies visits for Leo Nice equipment demonstration hall and watched the Chinese Science and Technology Museum century, the effect of dual-polarized 3D system and Xinhua International Studios (Dazhongsi shop) but the dual-polarized 3D systems. LeonisCinema general manager Dr. Ma Shichao introduced to the visiting officers of the company's operating and Leo Nice exclusive of the X-Filter technology and other products; Zhang Tao, technical manager for the visiting staff demonstrates 3D works "concert", "Turtle" "Bolt", "Toy Story 3" in LeonisCinema to see and experience to the forefront of digital cinema 3D technology; during the speech of the business plan, the investment of its concerns (financial position carried out in-depth discussion, market outlook and risk assessment); Science and Technology Museum in China to watch the actual effect of the LeonisCinema Digital Cinema Dual 3D polarization system, and experience to the commercial films of the projection of the 4D immersive, dynamic feel ; still Xinhua International Studios (Dazhongsi shop) to watch LeonisCinema digital cinema a single (double) the actual effect of the machine polarized 3D system, the investment twice a demonstration expressed satisfaction and digital cinema industry prospects and cooperation of both sides have high hopes.
  Shanghai Sheng Road equity investment management enterprises by the digital area of ??investment in Chinese industry, has extensive hands-on experience, excellent investment performance professionals initiated the establishment of greater influence in the professional investment management organization in the industry. Is an efficient investment decision-making process, the quality of investment services, strict company management system investment company dedicated to investment in high-growth companies.
  LeonisCinema company is a limited liability company dedicated to digital film and entertainment industry, digital audio and video applications, especially focused on the 3D video technology and product development. LeonisCinema original technology has attracted the attention of many investors, venture with POWERLEADER Peng Germany, National Tsing Hua University, CRE Investment Management Co., Ltd., Shenzhen High Clever Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Focux investment company to discuss cooperation matters.
  The Shanghai Sheng Road capital with the investment company to visit LeonisCinema site visits, and laid a solid foundation for future cooperation, the parties have agreed that the discussion in a follow-up communication on the details of the cooperative way.  



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