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Recollection of Lights: LEONIS light-doubler Projector Polarization LX-Filter

Date: 2020-04-09    Author: Original Site

LEONIS Light Doubler Projector Polarization 3D System LX-Filter uses special light doubler, automatic image calibration and optimization technology, makes cinemas to use one projector to complete 3D playback with enough high level of brightness, also a relatively more stable performance than dual-projector. Compared to the normal polarization 3D system, the light efficiency of LX-Filter is doubled, which means the single-projector polarization system can realize the lightness of dual-projector polarization system.

The worldwide initiative pioneering light doubler and image automatic calibration and optimization technology, can guarantee the best image registration, and beats the normal dual-projector polarization system.



  -The same high brightness as dual-projector polarization with single projector and LX-Filter

  -Lowest ghost, highest image quality

  -High image fidelity

  -The sales model of LX-Filter, compared to normal rent mode, has the overall advantage of low long-term investment.

  -Has many items of patents including light doubler, image automatic calibration and optimization technology


Other Features:

   -Using Pi-Cell screen; the refresh rate can be achieved over 400HZ, which satisfies the requirement of high frame rate(HFR);

   -Support every kind of DLP projector and all of DCI digital cinema server;

   - Support projector with projection ratio at the range of 1.0-3.2;

   -Pi-Cell screen uses the unique heat-rejection technology, which can make Pi-Cell work in a stable state and increase the service life.

   -The table below shows the different features of LX-Filter, dual-projector 3D system and other light doubler reclaim single-projector polarization system.


 LEONIS LX-Filter has been used in some of the cinema theater chain on trail and is going to exhibit on Beijing International Radio, Film and Television Equipment Exhibition(BIRTV) from August21 to 24, 2013. Stay Turned!


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