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Warmly Celebrate a SC&TECH Innovation Declared by LEONIS and GuangXi TV Broadcasting Station

Date: 2020-04-09    Author: Original Site

Recently, LEONIS and GuangXi Television Broadcasting Station have declared Science and Technology Innovation Award, 2013. The name of the project is " A Research for 2D-3D Video Transition and DCI Compatibility Standard".

With the successful screening of the movie Avatar, 3D movies had stepped into a speed up development. It was like kind of feeling that be personally on screen, which makes movie culture as one of advanced requirements. The percentage of the source of 3D movie has been risen at express speed. The reason why the range requirement of the movie source narrows down is because the digital film screening system must correspond to DCI standard.

The project aims at the movie resources that do not correspond to DCI standard under non-operational items, in order to directly broadcast. 3D screening with normal video transfer format has been redecorated and used and the digital film system ahs been expanded as well. otherwise, LEONIS has provided GuangXi Television Broadcasting Station TRANS3D, with global function of direct broadcasting version and blue ray version, and CineMaster Pro, which is a guarantee for the technical support.

Under the 2D to 3D transition and DCI standard, general video format has been successfully used. Satellite video signal passes antenna and then goes into satellite Video receiver, the video streaming has been received with HDMI connector. Otherwise, normal video broadcasting programme sometimes come from video set-top box(STB) with relatively high definition, blue-ray player, DVD player and hard drive player, etc. Those digital streaming with audio frequency are going to go through Trans3D and then be processed into 2 parts, one is for audio streaming, which is sent into the audio technical system as an input; the other one is for video streaming, which will complete 2D to 3D transition or 3D to 3D transition with technical support of Trans3D. finally, Dual HD-SDI will be generated with DCI standard for system playing.

The products of the project has been used in the identify room of the movie in GuangXi film system; with the 3D playing of the high definition movie, general video movie, self-made broadcasting movie and mass communication movie,etc.,the results are successful. The stability and compatibility of LEONIS products are showing amazing feedbacks after using.

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