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LEONIS Light Doubler dual projection linear polarization 3D system doubles the brightness of CSTM giant screen theater

Date: 2020-04-09    Author: Original Site

Early in the June, LEONIS and China Science and Technology Museum (CSTM) reached a cooperative agreement, that LEONIS provide China Science and Technology Museum 4D theatre with a set of light doubler dual projection linear polarization 3D system LX-FILTER-DL. Recently, it have been installed and the test result was gratifying, successfully double the brightness of the China Science and Technology Museum theatre hall, and making the 3D playback reach the brightness of more than 8FL. 

(LEONIS LX-Filter mounted on the projectors)



The brightness of the 3D film has always been the issue in the 3D digital cinema industry. To seek more breakthroughs, LEONIS recently launched light doubler 3D system that has been tested and trial in the major well-known theaters in the country, making the brightness of 3D films greatly increased and well received by the industry!


LEONIS light doubler dual projection linear polarization 3D system uses the unique light doubler technology and precise optical design, together with high transmission Pi-Cell screen, can double the brightness. LEONIS uses initiative image automatic calibration and optimization technology, can reach a better anti-interference, and have more stable performance.


The patents protect the IP rights of LEONIS from illegal copies, and therefore protect the interest of the operator of the theater. Based on this idea of the customer first, and the interest of the theater first, LEONIS has built up a good reputation and a large group of customer. As to the cooperation between LEONIS and CSTM, it can be traced back to LEONIS help CSTM update to 4D theater and support the playback of commercial films.

"The brightness has been greatly improved by using LEONIS light doubler 3D system" The CSTM theater Director Mr. Wang said, "we have the confident for LEONIS that it will definitely shine in the 3D digital cinema area again. "


"It is our honor to gain recognition by CSTM," Dr. Darren Ma, the CEO OF LEONIS said, "As a company dedicated to 3D application technology research and development, LEONIS insists that Quality is our life, technology is our future, and get supported by numbers of customers by our quality products. We look forward to working with more theater together to promote the development of the whole digital cinema industry!"


LEONIS light doubler 3D products include:

1LX-FILTER-DL/P0 degree linear polarization
2LX-FILTER-DL/S90 degree linear polarization
3LX-FILTER-SCsingle projector, circular polarization
4LX-FILTER-DC/Ldual projector, left circular polarization
5LX-FILTER-DC/Rdual projector, right circular polarization

LEONIS has full types of light doubler 3D system to meet different needs of various testing, and provides more choices for the cinemas. And among all the types, LEONIS single polarization system LX-FILTER-SC has been firstly settled in OSCAR Taiyuan Changfeng Theater, and Omnijoi International cinema (Suzhou).


What is noteworthy is that LEONIS LX-FILTER-DL is designed for international famous giant screen company, and both parties have signed related cooperative agreement. LEONIS will make great contribution to the development of the giant screen cinema. Let’s enjoy the visual shock brought by LEONIS!


About China Science and Technology Museum (CSTM)
China Science and Technology Museum is the only state-level comprehensive science and technology museum in China
By means of modern movie science and technology, special-effect movie can render audiences to experience special visual stimulation and enjoy the beauty of human and nature. China Science and Technology Museum has domed theatre, huge screen theatre, motion theatre and 4D theatre.


About Poly Film Investment. Co.,
Poly film Investment Co. Ltd. is the China Poly Group Poly Culture Group Co., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, adhering to the "a century-old shop, boutique studios" business philosophy, to establish a complete covering from the film and TV content production, distribution to cinemas and theaters operated management whole industry investment chain, and the formation of the corresponding the system. In recent years, with the rapid development of Chinese film terminal market, investment, construction and management of poly films will be investment focus on cinema line, across the country have direct management studio 68, hold more than 320 screens, nearly 50000 seats, becoming a movie terminal market is an important subject of investment.


About LEONIS Cinema Tech. Co,.
LEONIS, founded in 2009, the registered capital of 10 billion Yuan, is a company dedicated to 3D application technology research and development. Currently, LEONIS has stretched across three fields, digital cinema, professionals, and homes; the customers are globally located, throughout almost 20 countries all over the world, covers America, Asia, Europe and Africa. LEONIS insists on the principal of “Quality is life and Technical determines future”. The products cover all procedure of movie production, distribution and playback. Four branch offices in America, Canada and France have been established and provide brand new information and technical support for LEONIS.


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