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LEONIS 3D Products Have Been Approved by Disney

Date: 2020-04-09    Author: Original Site

On October 18th, 2013, LEONIS embraced its significant moment that all of LEONIS 3D Digital Cinema Products have successfully passed the internal review by Disney, and been included in Disney approved equipment list(, becoming one of the few digital cinema products manufacturers.
LEONIS 3D Digital Cinema Products that have been approved by Disney are listed as follows:

Light Doubler Polarization 3D System LX-FILTER

LEONIS Light Doubler Polarization 3D System LX-Filter uses the unique light doubler and the image automatic calibration and optimization technology, can realize high brightness 3D playback in the theater by only one projector, and has more stable performance than dual-projector. LX-Filter uses the polarization element with high transmittance and patent light doubler technology, the maximum size of the screen can reach up to 25 meters. Compared to the normal polarization 3D system, the light efficiency of LX-Filter is doubled, which means the single-projector polarization system can realize the lightness of dual-projector polarization system.

(Figure 1: Light Doubler Polarization 3D System LX-FILTER)

Light Doubler Active 3D System LA-FILTER

By using LA-FILTER, the theater can use the existing active system, and improve the brightness from 14%to 22-24 %( near the brightness of using Light Doubler Polarization 3D System). For the theater, using the remaining active system can cut the rising cost of changing to polarization system, and therefore protect its revenue.

Single Projector Polarization 3D System X-Filter

Combined with a sliver screen, the X-Filter Polarization Modulator allows your digital cinema projector to display 3D films. With a powered symmetrical 50 microsecond switching time between the eyes, X-Filter easily ensures high-bright, low ghost operation at the 3D HFR (high frame rate) targets of 192FPS, 240FPS or beyond.

(Figure2: Single Projector Polarization 3D System X-Filter)

Active 3D System A3D2000

Active 3D system consists of 3D sync controller, infrared sync emitter and active 3D glasses.
The performance of active 3D glasses is stable and reliable. It fits the digital theater with less than 200 seats. A3D2000 is developed by the engineers of LEONIS headquarter, Canada and produced in China. Therefore A3D2000 is not only stable but also have price advantage.
A3D2000 have been tested with all main stream digital cinema servers and projectors. It is proved that the A3D2000 system is quite stable, and the audiences hardly feel visual fatigue.

(Figure 3: Active 3D System A3D2000)

The meaning of being approved by Disney is extraordinary for Leonis. Disney, in order to keep its top film company status, has set high standard on the film-making and quality. Also, Disney set strict test standard (DCI) on Digital Cinema System to ensure the best experience of the audience. All digital cinema equipment must pass the test first, and then be added to the approved equipment list. Any digital cinema equipment has not been approved by the test cannot be on Disney Tickets System, or by accepted by general digital cinema. The DCI test is worldwide used, and Disney has the right to stop the playback of any company that doesn’t adopt the approved equipment.

LEONIS 3D product has been recognized by the world NO.1 film company, and it is no doubt that the influence of LEONIS is remarkable and cannot be ignored. LEONIS believes that there will be more opportunities to communicate with best masters in the industry in the future.

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