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CFEC and LEONIS sign dealer contract about digital cinema product

Date: 2020-04-09    Author: Original Site

Recently, China Film Equipment Co., Ltd (CFEC) and LEONIS Cinema (Beijing) Tech. Co., Ltd (LEONIS) have reached an agreement on the cooperation of LEONIS Light and Sound Sensor LLAS-100. CFEC will become the exclusive agent of the product of LEONIS. CFEC General Manager Mr. Minjie Lin and LEONIS Dr. Darren Ma signed the cooperative agreement.

In recent years, along with the advancement of digital cinema, LEONIS dedicated themselves to the promotion, application, and information exchange of digital cinema equipment. LEONIS insists that “Quality is our life, technology is our future”, and always adhere to the independent research and development. In August 2013, the new product Light Doubler Polarization 3D system and Light and Sound Sensor LLAS-100 have been launched to the market. Light and Sound Sensor LLAS-100 is designed for cinema playback quality control and can be used to reduce the cost. It measures C-weighted sound pressure level (SPL) in dB, luminance in cd/m2, and ftl, chromaticity(x and y), and correlated color temperature. LLAS-100 has a temperature sensor which can detect the internal temperature of cinema.

£®Picture: Light and Sound Sensor LLAS-100£©

LEONIS Light and Sound Sensor LLAS-100 launched 3D version, and has applied related patent and software copyright. The advantage of 3D version is obvious: Support luminance and chromaticity measurement in 2D and 3D status;While it can test the C-weighted sound pressure level(SPL) in dB, luminance in cd/m2 and ftL,chromaticity (x and y) and Color temperature, it can also measure the left eye luminance, left eye chromaticity, right eye luminance, right eye chromaticity  and it can also calculate the total optical efficiency, left eye efficiency, right eye efficiency, left eye Contrast, right eye Contrast and color Distortion automatically; Support nearly every common 3D device in the market, if can just replace different color wheel for deferent 3D device.  It can get Cost-effective control.

Leonis Light and Sound Sensor is initial in China, and has advantage compared to the similar product in the world. It is the only product that integrated the measurement of sound pressure, luminance, chromaticity and correlated color temperature. For the theater, it can enhance the brightness of the playback, and improve the playback quality, and has the best performance-price ratio.

According to the agreement, CFEC will apply Light and Sound Sensor LLAS-100 to its digital theater management system (TMS) and digital cinema network operation center (NOC), which has strategic significance to push the automation and information construction.

CFEC general manager Minjie Lin believes, relying on LEONIS advanced technology, the mutual cooperation will develop in depth.

LEONIS Dr. Darren Ma described the cooperation “has a milepost meaning”, and he believes the mutual cooperation will help to expand LEONIS brand, and improve its competitiveness.

Take up the challenge, and seize the opportunity. CFEC and LEONIS will enlarge the strategy cooperation on other product besides Light and Sound Sensor. CFEC and LEONIS will take promoting the prosperity of cinema as their mission, and firmly working together to make contribution to the development of digital cinema market.

About China Film Equipment Co., Ltd

China Film Equipment Co., Ltd (CFEC) was founded in July 1951, and reformed into Chinese Film Equipment Limited Liability Company in 2010. After 60 years of development, the company and the agent products have been involved in various fields and accumulated rich experience of cinema industry. CFEC has becoming a comprehensive company involved in domestic film and television production equipment, professional film equipment and related products import and export business, professional theater and countryside movie market service, and host Beijing International Broadcasting & Film Equipment Exhibition (BIRTV)

About LEONIS Cinema (Beijing) Tech. Co., Ltd

LEONIS, founded in 2009, the registered capital of over 10 billion Yuan, is a company dedicated to 3D application technology research and development. Currently, LEONIS has stretched across three fields, digital cinema, professionals, and homes; the customers are globally located, throughout almost 20 countries all over the world, covers America, Asia, Europe and Africa. LEONIS insists on the principal of “Quality is life and Technical determines future”. The products cover all procedure of movie production, distribution and playback. Four branch offices in America, Canada and France have been established and provide brand new information and technical support for LEONIS.


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