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LEONIS LLAS-100 supports remote upgrade now

Date£º2018-12-13    Author£ºOriginal Site

LEONIS LLAS-100 supports remote upgrade now



By constructing a new Boot loader, Digital Cinema Light & Sound Sensor LLAS-100 (by LEONIS and CFEC cooperation in research and development) supports Remote Updates by TMS/NOC now.

The biggest advantage is that LEONIS and CFEC’s research and development laboratory can increase new ascension, new function, new services quickly deployed to the already installed LLAS-100 in a few seconds.


Take WanDa Cinema Chain for example, It has already been installed with 1420 sets of LLAS-100 by LEONIS, artificial Update will produce a lot of travel expenses, personnel cost, time cost, but Remote Update will cost zero.
LLAS-100 has been far beyond Europe similar products in the Remote Update, 3D automatic measurement, etc.


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