Next-gen Image Tech
Video technology pursues ultimate image. 4K / 8K technology and High Frame Rate (HFR) technology have gradually been accepted by market, but still cannot meet peoples requirements for image quality. High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG) become the core of next-generation digital cinema image technology. CineHDR technology can increase the contrast of pictures, from conventional 2000: 1 to 10000: 1, about 5 times, so as to obtain a wider color range, make the image full of vitality, and a stronger sense of hierarchy. CineWCGs color gamut range is 1.5 times that of DCI-P3, and can make movies have richer color performance. Higher contrast, wider color gamut, more pixels, and more immersive audio together make movie extreme!
CineWCG Technology
On the basis of HDR, CineWCG can make the cinema a richer color presentation.
CineHDR Technology
Bring extraordinary color, contrast, and brightness to revolutionize your visual experience.
GIMO Adopts the most advanced audio and video technologies, including high dynamic range CineHDR technology, wide color gamut CineWCG technology, immersive audio technology HOLOSOUND, etc.

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