Quality Cloud Management
The comprehensive use of Cloud Computing Technology, Artificial Intelligence Technology (AI), Big Data Technology (Big Data), and the Internet of Things (IOT) Technology can achieve remote centralized monitoring of the movie theaters projection quality, and realize the real-time viewing of monitoring data on mobile phones. The monitored data includes screen brightness, sound pressure level (SPL), chromaticity coordinates (RGB/XYZ), and even audio immersion index (AII). Contrive strategic plans in the headquarters; win victory in a battle a thousand li away" and the quality impact the future of digital cinema.
Light and Sound Sensor LLAS-300
LLAS-300 is used for the quality control of cinema projection and reducing the cost of projection. It measures the C level sound pressure level (SPL) in dB and the brightness in cd/m^2 or FtL.
Digital Cinema Smart Quality Management System S-QMS100
Combined with the intelligent sensor device LLAS-300, the S-QMS100 can monitor the projection quality in real time, and automatically adjust the projection system, the audio render system, and the 3D system to ensure the best projection quality.
DCAQ-Monitor Intelligent Air Quality Detector
LEONIS DCAQ-Monitor is the worlds first digital cinema air quality detector. It is designed for air quality detection and can detect temperature, humidity, formaldehyde (CH?O), PM2.5, etc.

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